The Owen farm has been indirectly and directly involved in educating the general public about small-scale agriculture for many years. During the early 1970’s they hosted a group of New England College students for a project called “Homesteading” where they lived in a cabin on the farm and learned about sustainable living based on historical practices. Additionally, they have hosted numerous exchange students over the years and have also been a field trip destination for many area kindergarten and pre-school classes. More recently they have provided an internship site for several students from Sterling College in Vermont.

Current Educational Activities

Each summer the farm runs a series of “farm day camps” which offers selected children opportunities to spend a week experiencing daily activities on the farm. These activities range from learning how to handle lambs and calves, equine basics, felt making, nature walks and many more.

Additionally, throughout the year the farm hosts various workshops such as stonewall building, broom making, spinning and others. Check back periodically to see a description of upcoming workshops.

The farm also has a network of volunteers who find the farm and desire to get involved and learn more about small-scale agriculture and to work with animals or the land. Their interest, motivation and dedication help to keep the operation going and add to the overall community of Owen Farm, LLC.

Future Plans

One of our goals is to work to expand the educational opportunities currently being offered to include more farm camp sessions for children and adults. We feel that the Owen Farm is a unique operation that provides participants a chance to experience a similar environment and operation that existed at this farm two hundred years ago. It provides people an opportunity to experience the life from way back. Potential themes:

  • Homesteading activities
  • Gardening
  • Natural Resource / Environmental related activities
  • Animal Husbandry activities
  • Construction activities

We also plan on expanding the animal operation to include small ruminant animals to serve the interest and demand for local meat.