Would you like to be part of the Owen Farm community?  Come and volunteer!
We are welcoming volunteers to help during the three daily chore shift times.  Read the descriptions below, and if there is a chore shift that interests you and fits in your schedule, please contact us.
Also, Owen Farm is happy to discuss adjusting chore routines to best suit your needs (e.g. not comfortable with large animals, etc.), and we can be flexible if your schedule changes from time to time, etc. (e.g. You can commit to Tuesday afternoons, but once in a while might need to cancel/reschedule, etc.).
Also, keep in mind that in the summer months there will be an opportunity to garden.  More details upon request.
Daily Chores @ Owen Farm (in brief)
Morning Chores (beginning at 6-6:30; approx. 2 hrs.)
•         Feeding and watering of chickens; gathering eggs.
•         Feeding and watering of pigs.
•         Preparing stalls for cows and horses.
•         Taking hay and gleanings out to fields.
•         Cleaning stalls, shelters, barn floor, replenishing bedding as needed.
Mid-day Chores (11:30 – 1:00)
•         Check chickens, sheep, cows and horses for water and food needs.
•         Gather eggs
•         Feed pigs.
Mid/late Afternoon Chores (beginning at 3:00 – 3:30, depending on amount of daylight; approx. 2 hrs.)
•         Basically same as AM chores.